We love desserts here at Vices and Virtues. And our team have come up with a wickedly tasting dessert that will satisfy the quest for those with a vice for chocolate as well as use ingredients that will leave you feeling like you are doing something healthy and virtuous for your soul.

Dark chocolate is a favourite for many at dessert time and we wanted to choose a chocolate producer we could trust to deliver on quality and taste. Valrhona ticked several of our chef's requirements. Firstly Valrhona is one of the few bean-to-bar producers of chocolate. This means they process the cocoa beans in-house. So quality is always maintained which means when we use this in our dishes we get the same result again and again.

Plus we all know dark chocolate has many health benefits. So come on in for a dessert and try our:

Valrhona Chocolate Decadence 
70% dark chocolate pave, 32% blond dulcey mousse, marinated strawberries, cinder toffee & mint gel.