1. Garnish

Adding a garnish is a very easy way to make a meal look more gourmet and interesting. A spring of fresh coriander or toasted nuts at the end add colour and texture. We recommend giving micro greens a go. Try growing micro greens on your kitchen window sill. They'll be at your finger tips when plating up for dinner. Just trim and place on top of the meal.

2. Use fresh herbs

Fresh herbs are now used in so many dishes,  however all greens tend to lose their bright colour when cooked and heated. Start reserving some of your fresh herbs for the plating so you can toss them through salads or scatter them on the finished meal just before serving. It’s that easy.

3. Use a squeeze bottle for 'dotting'

Using a squeeze bottle for sauces will allow you to 'dot' the sauce around the plate - just like we do here at Vices and Virtues. Keep in mind it has to be a certain consistency so try things like pesto, spicy mayo, seasoned sour cream or crème fraîche. Pop in the fridge just before serving.

4. Look for symmetry and balance

For some reason, symmetry just catches the eye and creates appeal in everything, including a plate of food. Try and create a balanced 'look'. We spend a lot of time thinking about how we're going to plate up a dish. It can be a lot of fun and made simple.

5. Cut items at an angle

When you cut items at an angle, they look different and interesting. Straight cuts can get boring so next time, try cutting a cooked chicken breast, or vegetables like courgette or sandwiches at an angle.