• Eggs Your Way
    poached, fried or scrambled free range eggs on toasted brioche v
    • 14
  • Seasonal Fruit and Yoghurt
    selection of seasonal fruit, coconut yoghurt. d / g / v / ve
    • 15
  • Nutrient-rich breakfast bowl
    quinoa, mānuka honey roasted nuts and seeds, coconut yoghurt, banana, kiwifruit, blueberries. d / n / v / ve
    • 15
  • Breakfast Halloumi
    toasted rye, beetroot hummus, charred broccolini, cherry tomatoes, edamame, avocado, dukkah. n / v
    • 17
  • French Toast
    brioche, cinnamon mascarpone, summer berry compote, verjuice syrup, pecan crumbs. n / v
    • 18
  • The butty
    Smoked bacon, wild mushrooms, tomato relish, free range fried eggs on toasted brioche.
    • 19
  • Chorizo and Hash
    chorizo sausage, kumara and potato hash, mushroom, roasted tomato, fried free range egg. d / g
    • 19
  • Eggs montreal
    mānuka house smoked Akaroa salmon, poached free range eggs, baby spinach, hollandaise on toasted English muffin.
    • 19

(d) dairy free    (g) gluten free    (n) contains nuts    (v) vegetarian   (ve) vegan

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